chimera logo blue Whitebg   Chimera Editing Services is a joint effort of four fellow writers. Between them they’ve logged critiques of hundreds of manuscripts and thousands of queries, months worth of slush pile diving and millions of words.

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Jami Nord

Jami has interned for Entangled publishing, Bree Ogden (while at D4EO), and The Bent Agency. She has experience handling extensive amounts of slush and evaluating hundreds of manuscripts in reports. Her love of books led her to a BA in English. She adores stories with a strong voice no matter the genre, and routinely reads all forms of speculative fiction, romance and erotica, thrillers, mysteries, contemporary (especially dark ones), and pretty much any random novel that transports her to another world. She’s followed the publishing industry for over a decade, though only had the courage to risk a professional move when she upended her life to move cross country from Texas to Philadelphia in 2012.

Before she started working in publishing, she regularly managed to read 150 books a year, and is still reading over a book a week this year despite the workload of her day job and editing. #Pitchwars adult mentor and #Pitchmadness industry advisor and first reader.  Also a giant food nerd, and general geek.


Emmie Mears

Emmie was a 2015 PitchWars mentor for adult SFF. An avid reader of fantasy and science fiction since she discovered The Chronicles of Prydain, Emmie enjoys reading the whole gamut of SFF/speculative fiction and is a sucker for powerful voices, bittersweet endings, and moral grey areas. She also loves reading sex-positive erotica and romance to get her HEA fix. Emmie is an active SFWA member and the author of the Shrike series and the Ayala Storme series. She is still flailing due to Amber Benson (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame) being the Ayala Storme audiobook narrator. Emmie is the author of over ten novels and has read everything from the Babysitter’s Club to Nabakov’s Invitation to a Beheading. She has also read Pride and Prejudice in Polish.

A wanderlusty linguophile, Emmie has lived in three countries, two continents, and eight American states. She currently (and temporarily) lives outside Washington, D.C. with her partner in life and crime and two kitties called Willow and Tara for very important reasons. If you need to know how to tell your German vet that your anteater is ill, she’s your person. Emmie is susceptible to bribes of bubble tea, sushi, and pie. If you can’t find her in the US, she’s probably figured out a way to run away to Scotland.

She can be found on her Website or Amazon!


K.T. Hanna

 In 2012 K.T. participated in the inaugural #PitchMadness, and has been slush diving with glee for every #PitchMadness since. This love of finding hidden slush gems as well as a turn as a #PitchWars mentor led her to seek to refine her skills further. For fifteen months from 2014-2015 she ecstatically devoured manuscripts and filled in reader reports for The Bent Agency.

K.T. writes and reads all types of speculative fiction, loves nail-biting thrillers, and curling up with a good paranormal novel.

Originally from Australia, where she studied law, business, and psychology, K.T. now lives in Kansas with her husband, daughter, corgi, and cat. She’s lived on three continents and is bilingual in German. After seven years as a Human Resources Manager, she’s turned her critical eye and organizational skills to Chimera.

Her debut novel: Chameleon (The Domino Project #1) released on August 4th, 2015.

Kirkus Reviews really liked it.

Jami Nord Edited it.

Note: She is still searching for her Tardis.


Marlo Berliner

Formerly an accounting manager for a Fortune 500 company, Marlo now uses her ninja skills as an intern at a well-known literary agency based in NYC. In 2011, she served as Conference Chair for the New Jersey Romance Writers Conference and in 2013 as the Editor/Agent Chair. She served on the NJRW Board for three previous years, as well. In addition to NJRW, Marlo is also an active member of SCBWI, RWA, YA-RWA, TeenLitAuthors, and WritingGIAM. Her debut book will be coming out in October, 2015.

An avid reader and lover of literature, Marlo reads widely across most genres and categories of fiction and narrative non-fiction. She gobbles up adult and young adult titles in the following genres: paranormal, mystery, thriller, suspense, sci-fi, fantasy, magical realism, contemporary, literary, memoir, romance, and women’s fiction. She enjoys unique voices, tightly woven plots, and characters that stick with you long after you put the book down.

P.S. If anyone received her Hogwarts letter by mistake, please return it posthaste.

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