Novels need different approaches, depending on the state of the manuscript. If it’s a first or second draft or even something you’d trunked because you couldn’t figure out just what bugged you it might need big picture help on top of smaller, specific issues. If it’s in development, or you’re getting ready to polish it before sending it out, we have options for that too.

Simple Big Picture Edit Letter

This is good for early drafts, or when you know something just isn’t working and can’t quite tell what. It’s a one time read through and overall evaluation of the manuscript’s big picture issues. A 1-2 page edit letter is included.

Cost: $175 <50k
$210 <60k
$245 <70k
$280 <80k
$315 <90k

Please contact for pricing of longer books

Deep Crit Review

This is good for almost finished drafts. After finishing the full manuscript, an in depth reader report will be provided along the lines of those used by the publishing industry. This will detail an overall view, your plot and any holes evident, any confusion that arises, repetition, phrasing problems that persist, and overarching areas that need work, a detailed view of the pacing, as well as suggestions for specific improvement.

Cost: $275 <50k
$330 <60k
$385 <70k
$440 <80k
$495 <90k
$550 <100k

Please contact for pricing of longer books

Detailed first pages/chapter Line Edit

This is an extremely time consuming process and depends on the state of the manuscript being edited. Comments pick up on phrasing, telling, any spelling or grammar errors caught, as well as any inconsistencies of character, plot, pacing, superfluous or repetitive prose, and small details. Suggestions for rephrasing will be included. A 1-2 page letter is included with an overall summary of the critique in order to point out overarching or persistent weaknesses and possible solutions. If you have good critique partners, it’s unlikely you’d need this. Please keep in mind this is not a copy edit.

Cost: $20 Initial fee + $5 per page. If the chapter is longer than ten pages, pricing switches to per word at a fee of $0.016

Line Edit Example – as exhibited in first page line edits. Please note – extreme detail and time goes into a full manuscript of these.

Enquire-Now-ButtonPlease feel free to ask any questions. We’ll do our best to answer them promptly!

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