Since everyone’s needs are different, we’d like to leave it up to our clients as to what services they need bundled together. It’s pretty simple and only has one condition: The bundle┬ámust be used for the same project within a 90 day period.


Bundle 2 services together for 5% off!

Bundle 3 or more together for 10% off!


Some suggested options:


Basic + Proof

Have you been writing for a long time? Pretty good at getting your final copy ready?

Then this package provides you with a big picture overview to make sure you’ve covered all your bases, as well as a proof read of your final edit.

Bundle of Love

Need help all the way? From that first draft right the way through to publication?

We will give that first draft a big picture overview, highlighting areas that need help, and suggesting ways to tackle them. After those edits have been applied and you’re ready to go again, we will go over it with a fine tooth comb and give you in depth developmental and consistency notes. All the while we’ll be available via email for questions, or to clarify confusion.

Then when it’s all done, we will swap editors so your manuscript gets a fresh set of eyes and perform a copy edit & proofread.


This includes everything in the bundle of love, but also adds in working on your blurb or query with you until we all feel it’s perfect, searching for the perfect tagline, as well as three brainstorming sessions to help you sort out your series!

Choose your own Bundle!

Of course we know our bundles won’t suit everyone’s budget or criteria. That’s why we need for you to let us know! We’ll gladly go over your needs with you and work out the best budget for the project. From big picture to developmental edits, from brainstorming to proof reading, from series packaging to copy editing and formatting.

Let us know what you need by using our consultation form, and we’ll work something out!

Enquire-Now-ButtonPlease feel free to ask any questions. We’ll do our best to answer them promptly!

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