Proof Reading & Copy Editing

Proof Reading and Copy Editing require a practiced skill set that differs slightly from developmental and content editors. Our editor Emmie Mears is practiced in all of these areas.

Proof Reading

This is ONLY detail work. A strict proof read includes the following:

  • consistency errors
  • missing or misused words
  • incorrect or missing punctuation

Cost: 40<10k
$80 <20k
$120 <30k
$160 <40k
$200 <50k
$240 <60k
+$40 per additional<10k

Copy Editing

This includes the detail work of a proof read as well as:

  • significant character inconsistencies
  • plot holes
  • sentence flow
  • structural suggestions, etc

Cost: $55 <10k
$110 <20k
$165 <30k
$220 <40k
$275 <50k
$330 <60k
+$55 per additional<10k

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