Short Stories

Short Stories are a whole different ball game.

Pacing, plot, characterization, world building and resolution need to happen seamlessly and in a tiny fraction of the words. We offer similar types of edits as we do for novels, but tailored to short story specifics.


Simple Short Story Problem Overview

Similar to our Simple overview for novels, this will take the entire story into account, and give a brief overview of what problems are inherent in it. This includes an edit letter and is better situated for when you’re not certain what the problem is, or when you’re about to overhaul and want a general idea of what areas need help.

$50 <2500 words
$70 <5000 words
$90 <7500 words

For longer stories please contact us.

Short Story Deep Crit Review

We will read the story and generate a report very similar to that used as an agent intern. This will detail an overall view, your plot and any holes evident, any confusion that arises, repetition, phrasing problems that persist, and overarching areas that need work, a detailed view of the pacing, as well as suggestions for specific improvement. This is ideal for someone who is on a later draft and getting ready to do the final steps or polish for submission/publication.

$40Flash Fiction Max 1000
$80<2500 words
$120 <5000 words
$150 <7500 words

For longer stories please contact us

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