There are many different elements to editing. Content edits such as we offer, Proof reading, and Copy edits. None of these are interchangeable, and all of them require skillsets and practice. To that end, as we only have one editor willing to tackle copy edits, we have partnerships with people who offer proof reading and copy edits.

Both of these types of edits are the final passes for your book. Especially if you’re looking to go the indie route, a copy edit/proof read will add that layer of polish to your book before you release it to the public.

Other Copy Editors we recommend:

Meticulous copy editing and proofreading

Rebecca Weston

Sarah Henning



Layout & Formatting

Almost ready to publish that book? Want it to look amazingly professional?

Caitlin Greer has a flair for polished professionalism that will make any book shine.


Are you looking for covers? Swag? Banners?

Sean McConnell

Produces amazingly high quality original artwork at affordable prices for indie authors.


Caitlin Greer

Is an amazing graphics designer. Her cover and swag work is on a case by case basis. Contact her for specifics.


Victor Fuller

Victor did our fantastic icon, and does wonderful art in physical mediums, which he then converts to digital with a minimum of postprocessing work. He’s available for commissions.

Marketing/PR Servies

Great advice and guidance

Carrie Ann

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