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At Chimera Editing we strive to make sure we match your needs with our services. To that end we offer broad encompassing choices that address generalized options.

However, as everyone’s process and journey are different, our contact form allows for specific personalization. We will gladly discuss with prospective clients where they’re at in terms of which service or services will better suit their needs.

write-feather-iconQueries, Blurbs, and Contests

Getting ready for querying, submission, or even contests? We have options for queries, synopses, and pitches.

write-brush-iconChoose your own Synopsis!

Whether you need your own synopsis critiqued and polished, or one written from scratch – we have different options available or we can tailor one to suit you.

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Short Storyville!

Pacing, plot, characterization, world building and resolution need to happen seamlessly and in a tiny fraction of the words. We offer similar types of edits as we do for novels, but tailored to short story specifics.

write-ballpoint-ballpen-iconAll About Drafts

Done with that draft? About to apply that final layer of polish? We have both simple and in depth critiques done to industry reader report standards, as well as first chapter line edits.

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Proof Reading & Copy Edits, Oh My!

Proof Reading and Copy Editing require a practiced skill set that differs slightly from developmental and content editors. Our editor Emmie Mears is practiced in all of these areas.

write-pencil-iconBundle Me!

Want to combine any of these? We have package offerings that provide an overall discount on services for combining them.

Don’t see what you were looking for? Please contact us to see if we can work something out.
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