If you’re ready to start querying, or want to enter an online contest, these options are a great place to start.

Query or Blurb Crit

A one time pass of your Query Letter or Blurb with in depth feedback as to what does and doesn’t work, and possible solutions and suggestions to make it shine. A full example will be provided. Please keep in mind that a synopsis/summary of your story will help make the critique more accurate and relevant.

Cost: $50


Query/Blurb Crit Extended

The same as the Query/Blurb Crit, but with a second pass. A second go over of your new and improved Blurb/Query with fine tweaking after you’ve reviewed the first. Please contact us if you want a second pass of a query we’ve critiqued in the past.

Cost: $75

Each additional pass: $20


First Page:

Entering a contest or want to tighten that first page? We’ll take the first 500 words of your manuscript into consideration in order to help condense it to a compelling first page (250 words) excerpt.

Cost: $50

First Page Examples


Up to 50 words, including Twitter pitches, or taglines

Cost: $25 for one, or $45 for 3 varied Twitter pitches.