Proof Reading and Copy Editing require a skilled eye for detail, extensive knowledge of grammar rules across regions, and impeccable judgement of when those rules are best broken. Our skilled editors have that and more!

Before sending your book to copy editing, it should be mostly free of errors to the best of your ability. This includes (but is not limited to): POV consistency, grammatical errors, and typos.

Even the most eagle-eyed editors can miss things if a manuscript has a large number of errors. Copy editing and proofreading should be the final polishing passes before publication. If you need help with getting a manuscript ready to that stage, you may need more of a line edit.

Sample edits are available for all of these services on request. Turnaround times vary based on length, but are typically one to two weeks, pending availability. You may also schedule ahead for future projects, and payment plans are available. We are happy to work out arrangements with clients to make our services as accessible as possible.

As of 2021, our rates are far below market medians, which you can find here. For more details, see our FAQ.

Proof Reading

This is ONLY detail work. A strict proof read includes the following:

  • consistency errors
  • missing or misused words
  • incorrect or missing punctuation


+$120 per additional<10k

Copy Editing

This includes the detail work of a proof read as well as:

  • significant character inconsistencies
  • plot holes
  • sentence flow
  • structural suggestions, etc

$920 <40k
$1080 <50k
$1240 <60k
$1400 <70k
$1560 <80k
$1720 <90k
$1880 <100k

+$160 per additional<10k