Readers need to be able to see themselves in the worlds writers create, and there’s a huge push to diversify our stories. It’s not a marketing tool, it’s a way to be a conscientious writer. When you write a fantasy or scifi story and create a new people, you’re drawing from real life, but it can be hard to tell when you’re drawing more from stereotypes than reality. People who belong to marginalized communities can often be turned away when the representation is hurtful or reinforces stereotypes. For more information on why sensitivity reads are important, see Reading in the Margins.

We offer sensitivity reads for the following options:

*LGBT* representation, including nonbinary, pansexual, bi, and transmasculine representation

*Disability-Including hearing loss and hands on experiences with wheelchairs, walkers, and other assistive devices.

*Immigration experience- both to America and other countries

*Mental Health issues-Including gender dysphoria, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and high IQ.

Other areas may be available, inquire if you’re unsure! We may not be able to provide what you need, but we may have suggestions for other resources.

Novels up to 90k with a one month turnaround time are $250. Faster turnaround options are available for an additional charge. Please note: Sensitivity reads will not address unrelated areas that may need improvement. Our regular critique services will address sensitivity issues if relevant, but are not a substitute for a specific sensitivity read. If you’re unsure on how to address it, please ask, and we’ll do our best to clarify.


*Note-For publishers, rates may vary depending on the scope, duration, and nature of the project.*