When you publish a book, often, the key between looking professional and not is both the editing, typesetting, and the formatting. Formatting is the LAST step in the book production process. 


What’s included:

Review of materials: Confirmation of all input materials, including text, images, styling preferences. Then compilation of files and collation of other materials to create a source file.


Preparation: Remove unwanted spaces, breaks, tabs and sections to clean the text for formatting. Add styles to fonts if requested (IE: Make sure all journal entries are in X font.)


Setup: Set margins, breaks, columns, headers, footers, orientation, and page numbering. (It’s cheaper if you do this yourself.)


Structure: Mark-up parts, sections, headings, and numbering schemes to determine document structure.


Styling: Style headings, lists, and numbering. Apply title casing, references, term and definition, footnotes.


Select fonts, colours, and style with company logo, front cover, borders, lines, and fills.


Headers & footers: Create and style, adding document title, version number, date, author, and company details as required.


Adjust Images: Size, crop, straighten, rotate, reshape or wrap images to work best with the text on each page.


Create a TOC: Generate and style the table of contents, list of figures and list of tables with page numbers as needed.

PLEASE NOTE: Formatting does not include editorial service. This is purely making your book look professional for publication.

E-Book: $199.00

Print Book: $199.00

Both: $300.00


$30 discount will be applied if document already has appropriate headings and page breaks.